VEGASAHAGUN S.L is an enterprise born with the aim of placing products of our land in the food markets. Those awarded products of well known prestige such as leeks from Sahagún, young garlics and leguminous had not been promoted beyond our local area because of the scarce offer and production.

At present time, the increase of the demand of the quality autochthonous foodstuff moves us to create a safer manufacture. The consumer claims for genuine flavours, good appearance and texture that differentiates this kind of food from other similar.

In fact, the promotion and revalorization of local products represents an important challenge for the rural world, mainly those developing areas.

This promotion represents a relevant cultural role helping to preserve the local traditions and its natural resources, the environment and settlement of rural population as well as the creation of new employment.

We and our countrymen feel really proud of our products which have deep roots in the farming and gastronomic tradition. That is why we have made an effort to achieve the well appreciated qualities of our products. It’s our intention to offer these unspoiled qualities to the final consumer.

The Instituto de Ciencia y Tecnología de los Alimentos (ICTAL) of the University of León has certified the design and optimization of the whole process of elaboration and packing of our conserves.

We are a recently established company that has got to be a reference of quality products in the food markets.