Leeks from Sahagún filled with seafood and bechamel

Leeks from Sahagún boiled.
Crab meat, shrimps or any other seafood.
Shrimp cream.

Slice the crab meat in small chunks and the shrimps (or any other seafood). Fry slightly all together with half an onion finely sliced and marinated in olive oil. After a while frying it to get browny
 you can flambeate it with brandy. Then you can add some shrimps cream and bechamel. 

Open the leeks all along and fill them with the previouslly prepared mix.

Gratin it on the oven (it’s important to switch only the grill)

 Presentation: Spill some shrimps cream on the dish and place over the filled leeks.

Suggested presentation

Authors: Carmelo y Lidia, Restaurante San Facundo, Sahagún, León