Palencia’s trout salad with leeks from Sahagún

Ingredients :
1 trout of 1 kilogram.
1/2 ruff lettuce
2 boiled leeks
50 grams of sliced beans
2 smashed ripe tomatoes
100 grams of watercress
Boletus edulis fungi from Soria for the sauce
8 shrimps,
 4 cocochas,4 oysters
Sauce: Tomato, onion, truffle, boiled egg, red pepper,  olive oil, vinager, Sherry wine, salt and parsley.

We set a circular moulder on a dish . In the basis we’ll place the boiled leek cut in stripes. Above this, we will place some layers of trout and above all a spoolfull of tomato previously smashed with vinager and olive oil.
After this, we will add the green beans, boiled and cut in slices and another layer of trout again.
 The watercress is used to prepare a sauce and is recommended to pour some of it on every layer.
Finally, we place the top layer of trout with the ruff lettuce above. We also add some vinagre to the oyster.
Presentation: This dish can be freely decorated by placing the watercress sauce, the fungi and tomato as you prefer but with the cocochas and the boiled shrimps on one side.

Suggested presentation

Author: Eladio Sainz Restaurante:  Casa Ojeda, Burgos