Sahagún’s leeks with Leon’s gratined Cured meat and cheese from goats of Veigadarte

Ingredients  (4 people):

1 jar of leeks from Sahagún of 1 kg approx.
200 grs. Of León’s Cured meat
150 grs.
Of gota cheese from Veigadarte.
1/2 liter of bechamel


We will warp the leeks with layers of cured meat and enter to the oven (preheated up to 200ºCelsius) for five minutes.

We will put it out and pour the béchamel together with the goat’s cheese on the peaks of the leeks. Then these must be grated on the oven up to 250ºC for five minutes more and it will be ready to eat.

Suggested presentation

Author: Jesús Prieto Marquiegui, Restaurant:Parrillada Serrano, Astorga