Leeks from Sahagún filled with seafood.

Ingredients  (4 people):
100 grs of rape fish
200 grs of shrimps not peeled
1 ox crab 1/2 kilogram

8 thick leeks
Breadcrumbs, salt, flour
2 eggs, Olive oil
1 jar of peppers from Fresno and garlics
1/2 kg  of smashed tomato
Fumet of fish
The filling: Boil the rape fish and the ox crab. Peel the shrimps and prepare a béchamel. Boil the leeks for 20 minutes. Slip the leeks and open them in one side.
The sauce: Marinate the peppers from Fresno and the smashed tomato with oil and the fumet of fish and then put all together in the electric mixer (baiter).
Presentation: Place a bottom layer of sauce on the dish and the filled leeks on it.

Suggested presentation

Author: Luis Ramos, Restaurante Luis, Sahagún, León