Leeks from Sahagún with mushrooms from Cistierna and Vinegar of  Raspberries .

Leeks from Sahagún
Mushrooms from Cistierna
300 grs. of raspberries
250 ml of olive oil
50 ml of vinegar.

Slice the mushrooms and warp the leeks with them. Fry the leeks on the metal plate for 3 minutes.
 To make the vinaigrette, smash the raspberries with the oil and the vinegar. Once they are mixed, the mixture must be filtered.

Presentation:  Place a leek on the centre of the dish and the vinaigrette on one side or if you prefer, it is possible to draw a trace without covering the leek or the mushrooms

Suggested presentation

Author: Esteban Otero Restaurante: El Cesar,  Astorga, León